God Exists


  1. Many people are 'unbelievers'

  2. Many such are comfortable in their unbelief - under the impression that it is the 'enlightened view' - that without God this world is better explained.

  3. WITH God there seems to be some answers that otherwise would not exist - answers to questions that seem to be always on the mind of mankind.

1. It explains the origin of our world

  1. From nothing - comes nothing.

  2. All things are wearing out - not escalating in power and complexity.

  3. Without God - men still "attempt explainations' of all of this.

    1. Perpetual flux - is to argue the eternity of matter.

      a. Intelligence?

      b. Live?

      c. Ought?

      d. Concept of Eternity?

    1. Big Bang - again is to argue the eternity of matter -

      a. argues for complexity from simplicity -

      b. argues for organization from chaos -

      c. argues for design from accident

    1. Most people just ignore this problem all together - beginning with what we see - and then denying God.

  4. God IS - explains the concept off how we are created as moral, intelligent beings -

2. It explains the concept of 'oughts'

  1. We use this all the time - it speaks of moral necessity, it speaks of right and wrong - it indicates that there is more than just matter and energy -

  2. Problem of most philosophy (ahteist or agnostic) is that they can not explain why things are right or wrong - or if there even IS a right or wrong.

  3. The real answer if there is no God - is that something just IS,

    1. Murder IS, rape IS, stealing IS, slander IS,

    2. Not that any one of them is WRONG, it just IS.

    1. "you can get to OZ from Kansas, but you can not get to 'ought' from IS"!

    3. Many have attempted this for a long time - but with no real success - for their own concept is denied!

    1. Greatest good for the most people - WHY? Who cares?

    2. That which benefits and perpetuates our humanity?

    3. That which seems right to me is the standard for all?

    4. Everyone pursue his OWN good -

    5. Seek pleasure -

    6. Seek the absence of pain?

  4. With GOD - there is RIGHT and there is WRONG, there is SIN and there is RIGHTEOUSNESS,

    a. God made life, called it 'sacred', said to take such life was wrong - and the punishment was the forfeiture of one's own life.

    b. RAPE is wrong - under OT was a capital offense.

    c. LIE, stealing, cheating, etc. - are WRONG because we serve a moral GOD.

3. It explains Man -

  1. What is man? just another animal -

    1. back to the above -

      a. How get to be 'living being' from dead matter?

      b. How get intelligence?

      c. How get morality?

      d. How get esthetic beauty ?

    1. If so, then why do we still have rules governing conduct?

      a. Selective breeding, canibalism, selective 'thinning' of stock -

      b. Why wrong to do to humans what we do to animals?

      (for those who think such is wrong even for animals - WHY????)

  2. With God -

    1. Are created -

      a. intelligence - able to speak and communicate,

      b. Life - from a living God

      1. 1. not 'dead matter' -

      1. 2. not from 'alien from space'!

      c. Esthetics - 'it is good'

      d. Morals - and hence the judgment to come!

4. It explains the existence of the bible

  1. The unity of the bible - though collected over 1500+ years and over 40 different men from differnent cultures and societies.

  2. Explains the perpetuity of such -

  3. Explains the moral absolutes of such

  4. Explains the rational concepts of such -

  5. Explains the prophetical problems

  6. Explains the continuity of such - JESUS and salvation.

5. It explains Christ -

  1. His virgin birth -

  2. His miracles

  3. His teaching

  4. His resurrection

  5. His religious following-->

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